Goal Setting And Creating Motivation

Getting motivation or having motivation to do things is what we all need to get things done in life. However after years of trying to figure out how motivation can be a factor long term, I’ve learned at this point in my life that action is how you will get the most motivation in life. While motivation will push you to get things done and keep you on a workout grind for a bit, that motivation that’s driving you will fade mentally unless you replace it with another piece of motivation to take its place. Last year I didn’t plan to run 483 miles (Which is the most I’ve ever ran in 1 year), but because of the action I kept taking by running and racking up the miles I got super motivated by my action and kept running. Before running used to be something I dreaded doing beforehand. Now it’s a simple thing to go running and know how much I’m going to benefit from the action I take go running. Here is some simple steps to take on setting goals that I wanted to break down for you guys.

Goal Setting ABC

A dream turns into a goal when actions are taken to achieve it. Successful ABC’s of goal setting strengthen your self-trust as well as self-esteem. You need a perspective with a positive mind.

The ABC’s of goal setting are simple if you can think SMART: Be Specific with a Measurable goal that is Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Goal-setting tips:

Start with what you want: “I want to be with my family for more hours this year.”

Figure out the measurable proofs that will help you reach your goal: “We will have fun activity and family meetings each week.”

What you have to do to achieve your goal: “Selected family member nominates family activity every week; all should be ready and able to get involved.”

Goal setting typically starts with wishful thinking. You have to turn the thinking into a concrete action plan, and that’s what makes it a goal!

Make your goal right. In addition to being specific and achievable, a good goal ought to hit a certain sweet spot. Success and motivation tie back to goal setting.

“The first law of success is concentration- to blend all energies to one point and go directly to the exact point, looking neither right nor left.” William Mathews.

Motivation Is Like a Muscle, It Needs Repeated Training

Empowered motivation has a positive contribution in helping you achieve what you really want. How hard do you push yourself to get motivated? Aiming to do something and motivating yourself are two different forces of upkeeps.

Motivation is what keeps us going despite hurdles and obstruction coming our way. It’s the internal drive to develop, produce, achieve and keep moving forward. When you are close to quitting your aim, you just need some motivation. Motivation is like a muscle; you need regular exercise to strengthen it.

How well motivated are you now? Motivation increases your productivity. It guarantees a path of success. Here are seven steps to maintain your motivation. It simplifies the ambiguous task of regular self-motivation.

Let’s follow:

Step 1: Set small and measurable goals (small goals are achieved within a short period, therefore offering a strong motivation itself)

Step 2:  Develop a mantra (statement that resonates you)

Step 3: Commit publicly (share with your friends for increased support)

Step 4: Create your own routine and rituals

Step 5: Be a good mental debater

Step 6: See your goals literally as a way of a

Step 7: Face your fears

Motivation is an objective, and mental will power is a muscle that requires an exercise just like the body muscles do.

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