So a month ago I decided to switch up my supplements and try something different. I’m really looking to get more muscle grown and gains with my fitness training.

I switched to using INNOSUPPS supplements after hearing a lot of good things about them. After giving them a try for a week or two, I completely understand why people are buzzing about these products.

The Pre-Workout called Storm Maker is a solid starter to get you pumped and ready for a workout. Natural and clean energy powered by L-Citrulline and Betaine.

The #innoshred supplement is probably one of new favorites. Take it before a workout or a meal and accelerate fat burning in your metabolism. Then also get the added benefit of increased mental focus which really helps for me and my ADHD. I for sure need to focus better always 😅

The #volcarn2000 is an interesting product as its an ATP activator using L-Carntine. I take a teaspoon of this to make sure I can get ATP activation so I have the power to get in all my reps in each workout. 💪⚡

The #maxpower supplement is like creatine on steroids. I’ve been using this now for over 3 weeks and this stuff is definitely building the muscle I’m building in my @645program except it’s more accelerated.

The Protein with INNOSUPPS is super tasty and comes in many different fun flavors that actually taste really good. Since I’m in a rush for work’ a solid breakfast for me to get my day going is 2 to 3 scoops of one of the flavors of protein. That way I get some protein to recover from my morning workouts and some carbs to give me energy to start my work day.

#innogreens are a cheat code to getting in your servings of vegtables daily. This makes for a tasty drink that has the added benefit of giving you more energy and can be taken 1-2 servings a day. Get healthy veggie nutrients with this in a tasty way 😋🥗

The last, but not least product is the Tumeric + Beet root which has proven itself to be an asset to my arsenal of supplements I got here. It’s a potent anti oxidant that also supports gut & brain health. After my @spartantrail race last Saturday this product really tamed and managed my immflammation. 🔥👍

I’ve been using them now for a month so I will give it another month or two before I review my growth and see if the muscle gains have been accelerated from switching to INNOSUPPS.

Have a nice Saturday!

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