Good morning Fam and Fitness friends. It’s the month of September and it’s game on mode for me this month. As I mentioned in my stories, I have my first @spartantrail race happening this month on the 17th.

This is exactly the kind of competitions I’ve been training for since the start of this panademic. While I’ve joined a few virtual competitions, there is nothing like the real thing. I’m looking to put 18 months of running and strength training to the test in the last quarter of this year. I plan to also do my first and only @spartanrace Obstacle course race in 2021.

Exercising and improving your fitness should always be the first step to bettering your health, but in order to feel absolutely motivated to continue your training, you have to make bigger goals down the line to help push you on days where you don’t feel like working out. This has been my key to woring out consistently for the last year and half.

Happy Thursday folks. Let’s get it 💪 😤

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