Post 3.5 Mile Saturday Morning Run – Being Okay About Cheating On Your Diet

This morning I decided to take a 3.5 Mile Run and take responsibility for cheating on my diet; drinking beer and eating pizza last night. I go over why its okay to cheat on your diet once in awhile. It actually helps you continue do well on your diet because by cheating and giving in to cheating, you give yourself a treat and then the next day you get back onto it. I see a lot of people get to hard on themselves about cheating on their diet and then being hard on themselves by telling themselves “I fell off my diet.” This mindset sets you up to bulldoze your self confidence and ruin your self esteem which results in you not continuing to do well on a diet. That’s why its important to let yourself “Be Okay” about cheating on your diet once in awhile. Then promise yourself the next day to get back on it.

Happy Saturday morning everyone!

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