Fitness Check In: Week 3 And 4 Of “The Prep” Finished. What’s Next?

Two Days ago I finished my 4 grueling weeks of ‘The Prep.’ This program is by far the hardest Beachbody program I have done and it wasn’t even the main event. It was only a ‘Prep,’ but that didn’t make it any easier either. Week 3 and 4 were a repeat of weeks 1 and 2 where I covered all the workout days in my previous blog posts which you can read here: Week 1 & Week 2. In this blog post I’m going to go over a few comparisons in the last two weeks of this program and then also a preview of what’s next in the real program called The Work.

I started off Week 3 by going outside on a beautiful day in the San Francisco Bay area. I picked a nice spot next to the water and did a rare afternoon workout. You can view my reel to see for yourself. Week 1 & 3 pretty much gets you prepared for Week 2 & 4 based on the patterns I’m seeing in the schedule. The push and pull days are separate while in week 4 the push & pull day is covered in one day. There is a designated leg day in week 1 and 3, but in week 2 and 4 the leg workouts are combined in full body workouts which I honestly like. I like this mix up because I can get bored really easily doing the same thing over and over. This mix up keeps things fresh and interesting while still getting the work in all the muscle areas. The middle of the week workouts are similar as they focus on cardio & agility. However Week 2 and Week 4’s version (Cardio and Abs) puts a focus on some ab work. These agility workouts are so fun and with the work I’ve done in 30 Day Breakaway and Liift4 since October I feel confident and strong powering through these workouts. The one thing I’m missing on being able to do in this program is a pull up bar. However Amoila Cesar provides you with a modifier move that allows you to simulate a pull up move using two dumbells.

Here is how the modifier move looks for pull ups

This modifier move proves to be effective for day 5 for all the weeks of this workout which focused on pull movements. The Isometric workout is still by far the 2nd hardest workout of the program as it forces you to do static movements while holding the dumbbell weights in place. You can view my Instagram post going over all the moves for this Isometric workout. The hardest workout award still goes to the last workout in week 2 & 4 called the “The Crucible” which is a grueling workout that has you do 25 reps of each workout move and then superset (A workout move after another with no rest) with 25 army crawlers. This workout is a marathon and as I mentioned in my week 2 blog about this program, if this program was a video game, this workout would be the last boss to overcome to beat the game.

Here is a video of The Crucible Workout:

So Whats Next

As hard and challenging as ‘The Prep’ was its only the start of my real fitness challenge. The Work is the primary program I have been prepping for for the last 4 weeks. Based on what I’ve seen in the schedule for this program it looks like the exercise days are the same format. However researching further into the workouts I noticed that the workouts in The Work are about 40-45 minutes instead of the 30-35 minutes that were the average length for workouts in ‘The Prep.’ This means I’ll be working out longer and probably doing more reps in The Work. I’m so looking forward to starting this program tomorrow. I’ve been training for over 5 months on these Beachbody programs now and this is where my fitness journey has brought me. Amoila Cesar always says he likes “killas who don’t hesitate.” There is no hesitating on my part. I’m going to crush The Work and enjoy the results of my progress and hard work.

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