Why More Men Need To Be Okay With Woman Empowerment

This is a subject I’ve been really wanting to touch base on as its been on my mind for sometime.  Its no secret that 100 years ago this was a man’s world and the woman of the world were reduced in what they can do. A woman trying to be independent back in the early 1900’s was known as absurd and not tolerated in society. This 1900’s society mainly being controlled by men back then. Basic human rights weren’t even extended to woman and mostly given to men back then. Authority figures such as police and security were all men as again the thought of a woman being an authority figure was just not done. Woman Empowerment was far and few in between. With that in mind, laws and rights were all masculine minded with no thought of the fact that woman deserve to have these rights too. The show “Cable Girls” on Netflix depicts this 1900’s world very clearly and after watching this show with my wife, it really opened my eyes to how bad sexism was back then. Today its gotten a lot better as woman being independent is very much more normalized. Woman are able to fight back and have a lot more support more then ever. We have woman authority figures in Government and in the police force. We have a Vice President in the U.S. that is woman in Kamala Harris. It has come a long way. However the only thing still in the way is the minds of men still that have this mindset that woman shouldn’t have this power and independence. That woman should still be inferior to men. I hate to break it to you fellas, but woman empowerment is here to stay and we as men should embrace it. We as men should welcome it and learn from our opposite genders instead.

I grew up with strong woman in my life. My Mom and Sister have always been my woman role models growing up. Then I have a lot of woman cousins in my life who strive to be strong and independent everyday. My wife is by far one of the strongest woman I’ve ever met as her journey in life hasn’t been easy either, but she is succeeding despite the odds pitted against her. My family and my wife have all helped me be strong and independent in my own life as an adult. Since I’ve always been a person who’s very empathetic its always been normal for me to give the help I’ve received right back where it came from regardless if the person is a male or a female. However as I’ve learned over my life, not every guy has had the same upbringing and as a result many guys wouldn’t even consider the struggles a woman has to go through in life. Instead many guys have this mindset where its not in their reality to let a woman do better then them. The thought of a woman doing something better then them shouldn’t be possible according to these guys. So when these bros meet a woman that is doing something better then them they get extremely insecure and defensive. They resort to belittling a woman to make her feel like she’s not doing as good as she actually is. They don’t acknowledge it and instead bring a woman down so that they no longer have to feel so inferior. As a result these woman who’re really doing great in life end up falling backwards because of the words men shaming them for kicking ass in life. There is also the guys who also think all woman are the same which to me just feels like a guy is making an excuse in his head and putting it on the woman. These mentalities really needs to change in the world and many men really need to work on themselves more in order to overcome this condescending behavior towards woman.

I’m a guy myself so its not too hard for me to understand a mans insecurities because I’ve gone through and faced the same insecurities myself throughout my life. I was the grade school boy that was so shy to talk to girls and got super nervous anytime they did talk to me. I would make myself sick with anxiety if I wanted to ask a girl out to a dance or even if I just wanted to talk to a girl I liked. I also wasn’t the most social kid in general in grade school all the way through. My weight of over 300lbs didn’t really help me with my confidence either. It wasn’t till I was an adult that I gained confidence in myself to talk with woman comfortably without fear of not feeling good enough to communicate with the opposite sex. I had a lot of insecurities to work through within myself to be more confident. However the difference between me and the High School jocks that were talking to girls so easily in grade school was that I actually wanted to work on myself and improve first. My aptitude to strive for self improvement for sure started at a young age, but didn’t manifest itself till I was in my 20’s. Many guys seemed to have skipped this step in life which results in them turning into one of those guys I mentioned last paragraph that belittle a woman to reduce the effects of feeling inferior. Its not too late though for many men. There is still time to work on this.

Here is some tips for men that are looking to work on improving their relationship and view of Woman:

-First and foremost as a guy you have to learn to be “ok” at not being better then a woman. Woman are better then guys at a lot of things and accepting this doesn’t mean you are inferior and that you should feel lower in any way. Woman Empowerment is here to stay so get used to it now. If another man is better then you at something and it doesn’t make you feel down, why would a woman being better then you be any different.

-Many guys think all woman are the same. I’m here to say, “Nah Bro. You’ve taught your mind to think that all woman are the same.” In fact all woman are different just like all men are different, but for some guys its easy to fall into this mindset that all woman are the same if they’ve had difficult times connecting or understanding woman. This mindset is more of a defensive mechanism that guys use and my advice is to tear this defense down ASAP.

-Listening to woman can actually be super beneficial as there is lots to learn from woman just as much as men. However lots of guys struggle with this part because listening to woman tell them how to do something makes them feel inferior. I’m not going to lie. I struggle with this with my wife at times too. Its not easy to keep facing the fact that as a guy I’m not thinking of the best way to do stuff, but I’ve learned to accept it and move on. Then listen and learn from the woman in my life. Woman are not telling you how to do something different to make you feel like your not doing good enough. They’re just sharing the way that works best for them. So eat your pride guys and listen up.

Final Thoughts

Woman and men are not too different in wanting to be right. Both genders want to be right in everything because all people are striving to learn life and make the right decision. This concept is something men and woman both share. This is why I don’t agree with men thinking all woman are the same. That mindset is toxic and it’ll do you a disservice with all your relationships with woman whether their family, friends, or love interests. The best thing guys can do for themselves to improve their view and relations with woman is to work on themselves. Woman can try to help a man deal and change these things, but its ultimately up to the guy himself to work internally to make these changes happen. I was blessed with being raised as a feminist to help me understand woman much better. It didn’t fully help me understand woman fully as that was all up to me to figure out and work on myself. Any guy can improve their mindset regarding their views of woman, but it’ll take a guy to dig deep and learn about himself more in order to really make a change that’ll last a lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Why More Men Need To Be Okay With Woman Empowerment

  1. Awesome, brah… Well written and kudos for your perspective and input. You seem to be surrounded by a support structure, made up of some phenomenal women, including your wife. There is nothing more valuable and expressive than making them feel inclusive, empowered and valued as an equal, but having their independency in all areas, as well, elevating them to levels all humans need to strive for.


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