Fitness Check In: Week 2 of ‘The Prep’ Got Harder And I Loved It

    After getting my ass kicked in Week 1 of this program it doesn’t come as a surprise too much that week 2 would be any easier. If anything it got harder and more intense. If anything that is exactly why I continue to come back to these Beachbody programs. Simply because they keep things interesting and you\’re never stuck in a repetitive way of doing things. You are doing a different set of exercises in a different way every week. The first two Beachbody programs I did were “30 Day Breakaway” and “Liift4” and they both followed the same format as well. The programs focus on getting you out of your comfort zone in order to maximize your results. Amoila Cesar brought the intensity up in week 2 of ‘The Prep’ and the last workout of the week named “The Crucible” was the hardest workout I’ve done in this program. So without further delay, lets dive in and see what I took on in week 2.
Total Body Push/Pull
        This workout combined push and pull exercises in one workout which is a switch up from week 1 where the program focused on ‘push’ and ‘pull’ on different days. I did 4 rounds of moves in this one which targeted the shoulders and back primarily. There were some hammer curls to work the biceps in this one as well, but in the same move he had you do thrusters after the hammer curls. So the theme of working multiple muscle groups in one exercise move continued in this workout. The last move is a push up on top of your dumbbells and then you pop up like a burpee and execute a bicep curl. All and all this was a fun start to week 2. Check out my Instagram post on this workout here.
Strength & Power
    Last week on day 2 Amoila Cesar had gave me an ass kicking in the form of a leg day. This week he gives you a leg day and an upper body day. This workout pretty much can be called a full body workout where every muscle group was just about worked.  He had had you start off with goblet squats and then has you lunge back and perform a bicep curl.  Other moves involved doing side lunges while holding the dumbbells at your chest level. He has you do a cool curtsy move while dipping a single dumbbell downward to work your arm and legs at the same time. He finishes off by having you burn up your abs with a slider downward dog move. He even challenges you to do a push up after doing that downward dog. The focus on doing multiple moves in one exercise move is really making week 2 interesting. Check out Instagram reel covering these moves for this powerful workout.
Cardio and Core
    No weights required for this workout. All you needed was yourself and the will to push hard in this bodyweight workout. Amoila doesn’t let up on you. The first half of this workout is a nice round of agility moves that has me looking like I’m dancing in one move. He has you switch from one high knee to the other on his command in one move while making it fun with the ‘Simon says’ format and tricking you up. The 2nd half of the workout I was so heated from the agility and cardio work that I took off my shirt to focus on the ab work.  He has you do a set of moves that target your abs and burns them up in the process. This was his first workout that he really focused on burning up the abs in the program as the other workouts he incorporates 1 or 2 ab moves, but this workout focused several effective moves. I decided to make an Instagram TV video for this workout so that you can get a look at all the moves and follow along if you want to give the workout a shot. Watch it here now. The next two workouts almost killed me as they were the hardest workouts of ‘The Prep’ that I’ve encountered.
    I was not expecting how hard this workout is going to be. I’ve read about Isometric moves in my ISSA CPT book that I’m studying, but Amoila showed me first hand how effective and difficult Isometric exercises can be. The timing of getting some dumbbell gloves was impeccable. This workout targeted the upper body primarily with a mix of moves such as a half bicep lift & hold while lifting up one leg for high knee in the same movement. One Tricep move got thrown in. The abs and obliques were worked hard in order to keep your balance for some moves. My hands were shaking by the end of this workout as the endurance needed to hold onto these moves while handling the dumbbells was heavily tested for me. I’m looking forward circling back to this one again for another round. The next workout below was still the hardest one out of them all, but this one is the 2nd hardest workout in my book. Check out my cool Instagram reel here.
The Crucible
    If this workout program was a video game, this workout would be the boss to defeat to beat the game. The Crucible stands for: A situation of severe trial. In which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new. This workout is just that. It took all my muscles and strength to power my way through this workout. The severe trial consisted of 8 different workout moves where I did 25 reps each. After each move, I did what Amoila called “Army Crawls” where I got in the crawling position, positioned my feet on sliders and crawled back and forth for another 25 reps. By the end of this workout I had done 200 reps of “Army Crawls. My chest and shoulders felt it afterwards. What a tough, but exciting way to test your strength in this program. I’m looking forward to getting back to this workout again to finish up ‘The Prep.’ Check out my ‘The Crucible’ workout post here.
Final Thoughts
    All and all I like the direction this program is headed.  The workouts this week were unlike anything I\’ve ever done in my fitness.  The Isometrics workout really put me out of breath at one point while ‘The Crucible’ challenged me to draw out all my power and endurance to finish up the week strong. The last two weeks of ‘The Prep’ is going to be a repeated of week 1 and week 2. I’m looking forward to round 2 of week 1 which is actually week 3 of this program. Currently I’ve already completed day 1 and day 2 of week 3 already. There is nothing that feels repetitive about repeating this workouts again as they were fun and exciting to take on again. The leg day this morning kicked my ass. Literally. I’m just looking forward to finishing up the next two weeks of training so I can finally get my ass going on the real program, “The Work.

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