Fitness Check In: How The Prep Kicked My Ass In A Good Way

It’s time to talk to you about the new Fitness Program I just started last week. So if you don’t know by now, I’m a Beachbody Coach and have access to bunch of effective fitness programs for a whole year.  I’ve crushed two of them so far since October.  The 30 Day Breakaway, by Idalis Valdez, is an effective running program that mixes in strength training and running intervals to help build you up to be a stronger runner. I did this program for two rounds in 60 days and lowered my 5K time by 2 minutes and 45 seconds. The latest program I finished 10 days ago is called Liift4 which at first glance makes you think it’s just a lifting program, but the Super trainer that heads this program Joel Freeman mixes things up well. He has you focus on lifting and building strength in your arms, abs, and legs, but he adds in his flavor of HIIT training and really challenges you. Here are my results from that program if you want to check it out. Now the newest program I’m doing is called the ‘The Prep’ which is a 4 week prep program to get you ready for the challenging program called “The Work.” Amolia Cesar caught my eye while I was in the middle of doing Liift4. I really enjoyed his energy and passion for fitness and knew I had to give his program a try next. So here I am powered up by my first two Beach Body programs ready to take on 10 weeks of ‘The Prep’ and the ‘The Work.
Week 1 begins with a push which is fitting name to start a program because it’s always nice to get a push to start new things. However Amolia Cesar’s version of ‘Push’ is focusing on a lot of dumbbell and body weight movements that target your chest and shoulder muscles. He has you go through several rounds of dumbbell thrusters, push ups, burpees, and planks. It was a solid workout to get things going. I felt like I had Superman chest after this one no doubt.
Check out my Instagram reel that covers this workout.
They always say don’t skip leg day. Why would you? Training the legs is essential to building strength throughout your whole body. You kind of need your legs to do just about every exercise. Even when you’re sitting and doing arm curls on a bench, you are still using your legs for stability. Amoila’s leg day kicked my ass. I’m not going to lie. My glutes were on fire and really feeling it after. He mixes up different squat variations with some band movements while getting you to do some skaters to further punish your glutes and effectively work those leg muscles. As Amoila says in his explicit version, “We’re going to $%&# up those legs.” He wasn’t wrong. My next reel covers the work I did last Monday morning.
Endurance & Agility
This is where the program started challenging me. I’ve done a lot of the exercise movements from “Push” and “Leg” day, but this workout had me do some new moves that required some coordination focus on my part. The workout focuses on targeting your arm, ab, and leg muscles as he has you do a back lunge and has you follow up with a bicep curl while holding your lunge. This effectively is working multiple muscle groups at once. How nice of Amolia to make my fitness sessions efficient. The first half of this workout is lifting and then the 2nd half he burns you out with some agility moves. Thankfully for me my first two Beachbody programs have trained me in agility and HITT training so it wasn’t too bad, but it still made for a challenging end. There is reason Amoila recommends a rest day before this one. Check out my reel and get a look at this unique workout.
Alright it’s time to pull. You would think this workout just focuses on arm muscles, but Amolia is a smart man and he knows how to target multiple muscles in a workout session. This workout targets your back, shoulders, biceps, abs, and glutes.  The abs especially get burned in this session with some leg lifts, mountain climbers, and dumbbell back lifts. I decided to switch it up on the gram and do a carousel post detail all the work I did in this session.
Full Body Tempo
The finale intense workout of week 1 wasn’t an easy one. Amoila wouldn’t let you off that easy. More new movements for me on this workout. When I have to coordinate more, I typically have to focus and practice a bit in order to nail the movement. It adds another of layer of difficulty. The exercise that kicked my ass in this session has to be the front lunge and thrusters up and down. It was a combination of working the shoulders and legs. The abs I’m sure got some work as well on that move since the abs needs to keep me stable so the move doesn’t kill me where I stand. The last few moves had me use some sliders while working the abs and arms. The sliders are interesting to use for these workouts as they force you to stabilize and balance or you’ll slide out and split yourself in half. Just kidding, but you still need to work hard to not slide out. Overall this was a fun workout to finish the week on. Check out my reel that finishes out the intense workouts in week 1 of ‘The Prep.’
Final Thoughts
The ‘Range and Repair’ day has to be one of the best recovery workouts I’ve ever done. After having Amolia Cesar yell intensely at us in the other workouts he tones it down to yoga calming voice in this 40 minute stretching. This stretching session helped me work out all the kinks from the damage from week 1 of this program. It was for sure needed because the first week when it was all set and done kicked my ass. It took this stretching session on day 7 to help me realize that. Overall I’m super excited about the start of this program. The results I’m going to get from this ass kicking program is going to be pretty good. Week 2 already takes a different route with a different schedule of workouts so the program doesn’t get repetitive and keeps you on your toes. You can check out my Instagram to see how the first two days look. I’ll come back next Sunday or Monday with another blog covering week 2 of ‘The Prep.’ There is for sure no B.S. about this program though.

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