Do You Have Limiting Thoughts Hindering You In Life?

    I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’ve had limiting thoughts hindering me my whole life.  From High School to even the present I still struggle with this. I’m constantly in an ongoing struggle with my minds thoughts.  There are even some days I wake up and don’t want to work out and have to tell myself, “Just wake up and get to your workout. You always know you’ll be good when you get started with your fitness training.”  After I got laid off from jobs in 2018 and last year, my confidence got crushed both times and limiting thoughts took over me. Life is an ongoing struggle as just when you have things figured out and working the way you want, life finds a way to challenge you in the most unpleasant way.  Life doesn’t have a hand guide or directions on how to deal with our own personal challenges. So how do we deal with life and the hands it deals us? Are we just as helpless as we are at a blackjack table where the house holds all the cards or is there another way we can deal with life’s curveballs?
    Based on my own experience, there is really only two options for when life challenges us and puts us in a position we are not comfortable in. We can do nothing and allow the new uncomfortable change become our new normal despite what consequences are to happen in hindsight. Those consequences end up typically making things worse as problems in life that don’t get resolved will usually come back to bite you one way or another. The other choice is we can ‘Adapt.’ We can learn to deal with the new personal challenge and figure out how to overcome it. The latter option is the harder choice to go through with no doubt. It takes courage to climb out of your comfort zone and figure a new way of doing things. At times when we’re challenged to do something different to overcome difficulties, this is the stage when ‘limiting thoughts’ creep into our minds and make us do a double take on what we should do in life. For example, I’m a Beachbody Coach who offers a variety of workout programs and protein packages to others that want to improve their fitness life. I signed up 3 people in my first few months and thought I was on my way to getting this business of network marketing going. However as I’ve learned by now, being a Fitness coach and networking marketing a lot harder then I thought. So after putting in some effort in my first few months, I struggled to keep my confidence up. I wasn’t able to sign up anyone else and it didn’t seem like anyone was interested in the fitness packages I was offering. The constant rejections eventually put my mind in a whirlwind of limiting beliefs such as, “Its probably because I’m a guy that no one wants to be coached by me.” Or “Its probably because I don’t have a solid physical physique like all the other popular fitness folks on Instagram.” So I shied away from reaching out to others about the Beachbody program and decided to just focus on my own fitness training. After months of getting more results in Liift4 in 9 weeks, I felt a renewed confidence to give my coaching and networking marketing another try. While I still haven’t gotten anyone else signed up, I’m reading and learning weekly on improving knowledge in fitness, fitness coaching, and networking marketing because I’m determined to overcome my own personal struggles. I want to move past my own ‘limiting thoughts.’
Some people say life is short, but I kind of think the opposite. Life is actually long and with that kind of mindset in mind that means there is lots of time in life to overcome internal struggles. Personal problems in life don’t have to be fixed in one day. Its actually not realistic to think that problems can get resolved so quickly. Sure we would like things to get fixed like Mary Poppins does with the wave of her umbrella, but in order to take on and face off against your own limiting beliefs, you have to take time to understand them. Understand why you’re having them and then figure out how to overcome them and this process takes time. If you spent years not dealing with mental struggles and constant perceptions of life then most likely it’ll take months to years to overcome them.  Why else would I suddenly run 483 miles in 2020 at 34 years old, but not even push myself to try to run more then 100 miles in a year in my 20’s? It’s because my mind took years to mature and grow stronger over time. This why I truly believe this process of fighting back against your limiting beliefs is one that takes time. So my advice is don’t go for the quick fixes or the easy route to make things better. They don’t really work out in the long run. Instead work on gradual improvements and baby steps toward resolving personal problems. I’m in no way an expert myself in doing this as I have my own personal struggles and limiting thoughts I deal with everyday. However I acknowledge that there there and I plan to tackle them step by step and continue to always work on self improvement in my life.

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